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Drydene Syn Blend Plus 10W-30 SN Plus/GF-5

Synthetic Blend

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DRYDENE SYN BLEND PLUS 10W-30 SN Plus/GF-5  is  formulated from highly refined paraffinic and synthetic base oils, coupled with the latest additive components to meet the most current API SN Plus/ ILSAC GF-5 requirements for passenger car engine oils.  It is suitable for use both gasoline and flex-fuel engines as prescribed by the manufacturer.



DRYDENE SYN BLEND PLUS 10W-30 SN Plus/GF-5 is recommend for use is passenger cars, light-duty trucks, sport utility vehicles, boats and other four- stroke engines where API SN Plus/ILSAC GF-5 approved engine oils are required.

  • Approved for use in gasoline, E-85, propane or CNG (compressed natural gas) engines where API and ILSAC approved oils are required.
  • Recommended for use in gasoline engines fitted with turbochargers including turbocharged gasoline direct injection (TGDI) units.
  • DRYDENE SYN BLEND PLUS 10W-30 is backward compatible for previous API and ILSAC ratings in gasoline engines.



DRYDENE SYN BLEND PLUS 10W-30 SN Plus/GF-5 is a premium engine oil designed to provide maximum protection against wear, thermal viscosity breakdown and corrosive deposit formation in today’s modern gasoline engines.

  • Exceeds OEM requirements where API SN engine oils are required.
  • High detergency and dispersancy helps keep engine components clean by removing harmful contaminants and deposits from vital engine parts.
  • Unique friction-reducing additives provide improved fuel economy and reduced emissions over the life of the engine.
  • Protects Turbocharged Gasoline Direct Injection (TGDI) that may experience Low-Speed Pre-Ignition (LSPI).



  • API Services Categories– SN Plus, SN, SM
  • ILSAC – GF-5, GF-4
  • Chrysler MS-6395
  • GM 6094M




Gravity; °API ASTM D287 32.36
Specific Gravity @ 60°F ASTM D4052 0.8637
Viscosity @ 40°C (cSt) ASTM D445 63.86
Viscosity @ 100°C (cSt) ASTM D445 10.17
Viscosity Index ASTM D2270 151
Flash Point °C ASTM D92 206
Pour Point °C ASTM D5950 -41
Cold Cranking Simulator cP, @ °C ASTM D5293 4960 (-25)
High Temp/High Shear Vis @ 100°C, cP ASTM D6616 7.09
High Temp/High Shear Vis @ 150°C, cP ASTM D5481 2.97
Noack Volatility, % loss ASTM D6375 12.4
Color ASTM D1500 3.0
High Temperature Foaming, static foam ASTM D6082 (Opt A) 20/0