Drydene DRF­® A-Main Synthetic Blend SAE 10W-30 Racing Oil

Part #D15201

DRF A-MAIN SYNTHETIC BLEND 10W-30 RACING OIL is engineered using a specialized blend of synthetic and conventional base stocks exclusively for competition racing applications. The A-MAIN formula has been proven at the track and on the dyno to improve torque and horsepower in both flat tappet cam and roller lifter oval track engines. The exclusive friction-reducing and anti-wear chemistry helps lower oil and water temperatures which allows the engine to achieve maximum output during competition.

3/1 Gal Case, 6/1 Qt Case

Product Applications

DRF A-MAIN SYNTHETIC BLEND 10W-30 is designed for high-performance small block and big block racing engines competing on circle tracks, both dirt and asphalt. Its synthetic blend formula provides better wear protection, resistance to oxidation and lower operating temperatures than conventional racing oils.

A-MAIN SYNTHETIC BLEND 10W-30 has delivered race-winning performances in engines running racing gasoline and alcohol in multiple racing series

A-MAIN SYNTHETIC BLEND 10W-30 is ideal for the high torque and horsepower generated by sprint car, late model and modified engines

A-MAIN SYNTHETIC BLEND 10W-30 is the recommended oil to be used in conjunction with Drydene DRF Shakedown™ Break-In Oil after engine rebuilds

A-MAIN SYNTHETIC BLEND 10W-30 is fully formulated and does not require supplemental additives of any kind

Drydene DRF racing oils are designed for use in competition engines only and are not intended for vehicles fitted with catalytic converters.

Features & Benefits

DRF A-MAIN SYNTHETIC BLEND 10W-30 RACING OIL contains highly specialized additives not found in “off the shelf” or “boosted” street oils. DRF oils feature surface active chemistry designed exclusively for high horsepower racing engines that require the most reliable protection of vital components during competition.

The DRF A-MAIN formula:
• Improves torque and horsepower while also lowering oil and water temperatures even at peak RPM range
• Is blended with surface active, Competition-Grade ZDDP™ that bonds quickly to critical metal surfaces and forms a protective layer where metal-on-metal contact takes place
• Contains shear stable polymers to keep DRF A-MAIN at the correct viscosity when racing engines build up heat over prolonged running periods
• Guards against the harmful effects of oxidation, contaminant buildup and sludge formation that can occur in performance oval-track engines over long periods at high speeds and temperatures
• Helps reduce the effects of race fuel dilution and reduces oil consumption even under severe conditions

Technical Properties

Viscosity @ 40°C (cSt) ASTM D445 62.7
Viscosity @ 100°C (cSt) ASTM D445 10.2
Viscosity Index ASTM D2270 150
Zinc, ppm ASTM D5185 1650
Phosphorous, ppm ASTM D5185 1600
Color Visual Amber


Drydene Racing Formulas

Drydene Racing Formulas

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