Drydene Retraplex® Topaz EP 2 Grease

Part #D50122

DRYDENE RETRAPLEX® TOPAZ EP 2 GREASE is a premium heavy duty multi-purpose grease designed for use in medium to moderate load applications where added protection for extreme pressure and high operating temperatures is needed.

10/14 oz Case, 120 Lb Keg, 35 Lb Pail, 400 Lb Drum

Product Applications

DRYDENE RETRAPLEX® TOPAZ EP 2 GREASE can be used in a wide variety of both automotive and heavy equipment applications especially where product consolidation is desired.

  • Passenger cars and pickup trucks
  • Disc brakes and wheel bearings
  • Over-the-road trucks and buses
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Off-road equipment

Other applicable uses may exist. Please contact Drydene Performance Products, Inc. for more information.

Features & Benefits

DRYDENE RETRAPLEX® TOPAZ EP 2 GREASE is built with superior extreme pressure and anti-wear additives to ensure consistent performance across a variety of applications and operating conditions.

  • Optimal extreme pressure and temperature operations, especially disk brake bearings
  • High dropping point
  • Excellent thermal and shear stability
  • Protection against wear and corrosion
  • Outstanding year-round performance in both low and high temperatures
  • Proprietary inhibitors resist oxidation and leakage

Technical Properties

All stated physical properties are typical of standard production and may vary.

NGLI Grade2
Thickener TypeASTM D128Lithium Complex
AppearanceVisualSmooth/Very Tacky
Penetration @ 77°F, 60 StrokesASTM D217265 – 295
Dropping Point, °FASTM D2265525 min
Base Oil Viscosity, cSt @ 40°CASTM D445100
Timken OK Load, lbsASTM D250960
Four Ball EP Weld Point, kgASTM D2596400
Four Ball EP Load Wear IndexASTM D259630
Four Ball Wear Scar, mmASTM D22660.6 max
Water Washout @ 175°FASTM 12640.5


Complete line of Drydene RETRAPLEX Greases

Complete line of Drydene RETRAPLEX Greases