Drydene ThermoDynALL® AD-3 Defoamer

Part #D87330

DRYDENE THERMODYNALL® AD-3 DEFOAMER is optimized to provide maximum defoaming and dispersibility in glycol-based fluids used in natural gas dehydration systems.

Buildup of foam and air entrapment can lead to excess fluid loss and reduce the ability of the fluid to adequately remove water. It controls foam at the first onset as well as long-term to keep dehydration systems functioning at highly efficient rates.

DRYDENE THERMODYNALL® AD-3 DEFOAMER can be added directly to dehydration system without the need of additional blending equipment.

55 Gal Drum

Technical Properties

AppearanceWhite Emulsion
pH of 50% Solution8.4
Specific Gravity @ 25°C0.99