Drydene Versolcut™ NC

Part #D64226

DRYDENE VERSOLCUT™ NC is a premium grade, medium to heavy duty machining and grinding coolant that can be used on a variety of ferrous and non-ferrous metals including stainless steel and aluminum.  Versolcut NC delivers exceptional cooling and wetting properties and is an ideal choice where the use of chlorine or DCHA is prohibited.

330 Gal Tote, 5 Gal Pail, 55 Gal Drum

Product Applications

DRYDENE VERSOLCUT NC is designed with versatility in mind, both high speed and high pressure machine processes and varying metal types (except magnesium):

• General machining
• CNC milling
• Grinding
• Tapping
• Drilling
• Sawing

Recommended use dilution with water is 5 – 10 % for typical applications noted above.

Features & Benefits

DRYDENE VERSOLCUT NC is formulated to ensure long fluid and sump life without the need for tankside additives:

• Inherent protection against fluid and emulsion biodegradation
• Highly stable emulsion
• Chlorine and DCHA-free formula
• Durable corrosion protection of most common metals
• Low odor, operator friendly
• Hard water stability
• Does not require the use of tankside additives

Technical Properties

Color Visual Amber
Appearance Visual Clear, liquid
Odor Physical Mild
Specific Gravity ASTM D891 0.995
Density, lbs/gal Phyical 8.25
Pour Point, °F ASTM D97 32
Refractometer, 5% Refractometer 3.3
Refractometer, 10% Refractometer 6.6


Drydene Metalworking Fluids

Drydene Metalworking Fluids