Drydene Versolcut™ X5

Part #D64220

DRYDENE VERSOLCUT™ X5 is a premium grade, multi-metal safe semi-synthetic fluid designed for heavy-duty applications across a variety of metals including ferrous alloys and aluminum. The formula provides excellent lubricity and cooling capacity without the use of chlorinated paraffins or sulfur.

330 Gal Tote, 5 Gal Pail, 55 Gal Drum

Product Applications

DRYDENE VERSOLCUT X5 is a multi-functional soluble oil designed for use in many common low and high pressure metalworking processes:

• General machining
• CNC milling
• Roll forming
• Drilling and tapping
• Surface grinding

Typical use dilution (in water) for machining applications is 6% to 8%

Features & Benefits

DRYDENE VERSOLCUT X5’s unique additive chemistry delivers consistently superior performance in applications utilizing an array of metal types, in particular, aluminum and ferrous alloys:

• Inhibits growth of fungus and bacteria to extend fluid life
• Compatible with a wide range of metal types allows for efficient product consolidation without sacrificing performance
• Superior emulsion stability helps extend sump life and reduce overall operating costs
• Excellent stability in hard water to reduce salt formations and control foam
• Extends cleanliness of machines and machining surfaces
• Chlorine-free, extreme pressure formula

Technical Properties

Color Visual Gold
Appearance Visual Clear
Odor Physical Characteristic
Specific Gravity @ 60­°F ASTM D891 0.966
Density, lbs/gal Phyical 8.05
pH @ 10% ASTM D1172 9.5 min
Refractometer, 5% Refractometer 5.5
Refractometer, 10% Refractometer 9.0



Drydene Metalworking Fluids

Drydene Metalworking Fluids