Drydene Vertax™ D

Part #D64238

DRYDENE VERTAX™ D is a neat, light-duty grinding and honing oil formulated without chlorine or sulfur. It contains a specialized blend of additives to ensure maximum lubricity and tool life while maintaining low misting and foaming characteristics during operation.

330 Gal Tote, 5 Gal Pail, 55 Gal Drum

Product Applications

DRYDENE VERTAX™ D should be used neat and does not require dilution with water or solvents. It is recommended for use in a variety of machining processes on both ferrous and non-ferrous metals:

• Grinding – creep feed, form, belt, flute
• Honing
• Light to medium-duty cutting

Features & Benefits

DRYDENE VERTAX™ D provides excellent anti-wear protection without the use of heavy metals in order to extend tool life, improve surface finishes and reduce handling/disposal risks.

• Reduces air entrainment to help prevent foaming and fluid oxidation
• Chlorine-fee and sulfur-free chemistry for operator comfort
• Low mist, low odor, low smoke formula
• Easy-to-remove residue requires only standard alkaline cleaner
• Safe for use on yellow metals
• Keeps grinding tools clean and cool during operation

Technical Properties

Color Visual Yellow
Appearance Visual Clear liquid
Odor Physical Mild
Specific Gravity @ 60­°F ASTM D891 0.86
Viscosity @ 40­­­° C ASTM D445 21
Density, lbs/gal Physical 7.20
Flash Point, ­­­­°F ASTM D97 420
Chlorine none
Sulfur none