Drydene Vertax™ EP

Part #D64210

DRYDENE VERTAX™ EP is a neat petroleum-based cutting oil designed for heavy-duty applications such as machining, rolling and turning. It is fortified with a robust combination of chlorine and phosphorus to provide excellent performance in extreme pressure operating conditions.

330 Gal Tote, 5 Gal Pail, 55 Gal Drum

Product Applications

DRYDENE VERTAX EP is intended for use as received and should not be mixed with water or solvents in order to achieve best performance in ferrous and non-ferrous applications:

• General machining
• Roll threading
• Turning
• Boring

Features & Benefits

DRYDENE VERTAX EP combines durable machining performance and cost efficiency into one neat cutting fluid that is versatile and reliable:

• Extreme pressure additives provide effective reduction of friction at the tool interface which aids in cooling
• Improves finished surface quality and reduces waste
• High chlorine content aids in surface wetting and reduces welding even under severe machining conditions
• Outstanding cost/performance ratio in a variety of machining processes makes Vertax EP an ideal replacement product

Technical Properties

Color Visual Red
Appearance Visual Clear liquid
Odor Physical Characteristic
Specific Gravity @ 60­°F ASTM D891 0.995
Density, lbs/gal Phyical 7.96
Viscosity @ 40°C ASTM D445 60 – 70
Flash Point, °F ASTM D97 350



Drydene Metalworking Fluids

Drydene Metalworking Fluids