Drydene CompressALL® SYN B/RF 32

Part #D72118

DRYDENE COMPRESSALL® SYN B/RF synthetic refrigeration oils are formulated from premium diakyl benzene base oils to provide maximum protection against wear, oxidation, rust and corrosion.

55 Gal Drum

Product Applications

DRYDENE COMPRESSALL® SYN B/RF synthetic refrigeration oil are built to meet the strict requirements of most modern refrigeration and air conditioning systems. They are best suited for use in the following industrial applications:

  • Refrigeration compressors and systems using:
    • R-11
    • R-12
    • R-13B1
    • R-22
    • R-113
    • R-500
    • R-501
    • R-502
    • R-717 (Ammonia – NH3)

Features & Benefits

DRYDENE COMPRESSALL® SYN B/RF synthetic refrigeration oil provides numerous performance benefits to industrial refridgeration and air conditioning systems:

  • Exceptional wear and rust protection which helps reduce long-term maintenance costs and can extend equipment life.
  • Superior high temperature and chemical stability
  • Thermo-oxidative stability helps to control deposits in evaporation tubes and improves both heat transfer and oil life.
  • Is compatible with elastomers and materials of construction commonly used in refrigeration systems.

Technical Properties

ISO GradeATSM D2422 32
Viscosity @ 40°C, cStASTM D44532
Pour Point, °C/°FASTM D97-40/-40
Floc Point, °C/°FASH-86-64-83
Total Acid Number, mg KOH/gASTM D9740.02
Moisture, ppm (low temp miscibility, 10% oil, °C)ASTM D153330
Flash Point, °C/°FASTM D92175/347
Dielectric, KV – MinASTM D87740