Drydene GearALL® EP ISO 320

Part #D60116

DRYDENE GEARALL® EP ISO 320 is specially formulated to provide maximum protection to industrial gear units where extreme pressure conditions may exist. They are designed to withstand the rigors of heavy shock loading, corrosion and oxidation in a number of industrial gear types.

55 Gal Drum

Product Applications

DRYDENE GEARALL® EP ISO 320 is recommended for use and provide in a number of enclosed industrial gear applications where AGMA EP gear oils are specified:

  • Spur
  • Helical
  • Bevel
  • Planetary

It is also suitable for use in bath, splash, circulating or spray mist applications as applicable to the specified viscosity grade.


AGMA EP 9005-D94
DIN 51517 Part 3
US Steel 224
Cincinnati Lamb P-59

Features & Benefits

DRYDENE GEARALL® EP ISO 320 features robust additives that deliver both protective and efficiency properties in industrial applications:

• Advanced corrosion inhibitors control the formation of harmful contaminants
• EP additives build a protective layer to reduce friction and wear rates on metal-on-metal contact points
• Reduces wear on gear teeth and bearings
• Excellent water separation promotes extended gear service life
• Ideal for low and high temperature applications

Technical Properties

Viscosity @ 40°C, cSt ASTM D445 320
Viscosity @ 100°C, cSt ASTM D445 24.8
Viscosity Index ASTM D2270 95
Pour Point, °F ASTM D97 0
Flash Point, °F ASTM D92 450
FZG Gear Test, stages ASTM D5182 12
Timken OK Load, lbs. ASTM D2782 60
Four-Ball Wear Test ASTM D4172 0.25
Load Wear Index, kgf ASTM D2596 55
Four-Ball Weld Point, °C ASTM D2596 250


Drydene - The Hardest Working Brand in Heavy-Duty Lubrication

Drydene – The Hardest Working Brand in Heavy-Duty Lubrication