Drydene GearAll® LS 80W-90

Part #D41890

DRYDENE GEARALL® LS 80W-90 GEAR OIL is a multi-functional, EP gear lubricant formulated for use in automotive and commercial vehicles fitted with both conventional or limited-slip differentials. Its specialized formula contains additives to protect limited-slip and positive traction differentials from oxidation, wear and sludge formation while maintaining viscosity even under heavily-loaded operating conditions.

16 Gal Keg, 5 Gal Pail, 55 Gal Drum, Bulk

Product Applications

DRYDENE GEARALL® LS 80W-90 GEAR OIL is designed for use in a variety of vehicle type equipped with conventional or limited-slip differentials which required an API GL-5/MT-1 gear lubricant:

• Passenger cars, light-duty trucks and sport utility vehicles

• Commercial trucks, vans buses and agricultural equipment differentials and final drives hypoid or multipurpose gear oils are preferred

• Initial fills, service fills and top-off fills of both conventional and limited-slip differentials specifying an API GL-5 fluid

• Manual transmissions, bearings and gear reducers where API GL-5 fluids are specified


SAE J2360
Limited Slip (initial fill, service fill, top off) Mack GO-J
MIL-PRF-2105E PG-2 Limited Slip

Features & Benefits

DRYDENE GEARALL® LS 80W-90 GEAR OIL uses a specialized combination of extreme-pressure and friction-modifying agents to protect vital clutch and differential components from thermal degradation, wear and gear chatter.

• Resists oxidation, loss of viscosity and the effects of high operating temperatures which help minimize sludge and varnish formation

• Special friction modifiers ensure correct slip rates and reduce gear chatter which helps improve operating efficiency and performance

• Excellent protection against rust, corrosion and foam formation

• Powerful EP additives equate to high load-carrying capacity improved wear protection

• High viscosity index base oils keep finished fluid in grade and reduce shear-induced viscosity loss