Drydene Retraplex® Ruby Red Plus EP 2

Part #D50202

DRYDENE RETRAPLEX® RUBY RED PLUS is a premium-grade lithium complex grease featuring proprietary additive chemistry and recommended for a wide range of applications, especially those which operate in severe conditions or require an added level of extreme-pressure and load-carrying protection.

10/14 oz Case, 120 Lb Keg, 35 Lb Pail, 400 Lb Drum

Product Applications

DRYDENE RETRAPLEX® RUBY RED PLUS is an ideal choice for a wide range of heavy-duty and industrial applications that require a severe-service, extreme-pressure grease:

• Heavy-Duty Class 8 trucks (chassis and bearings)
• Automotive wheel bearings
• Roller conveyor systems
• Light and medium-duty industrial equipment
• Chassis lubrication (kingpins, steering linkage, shackles, ball joints, bushings)
• Farm tractors, backhoes and other off-road equipment that may operate in adverse or wet conditions

Features & Benefits

DRYDENE RETRAPLEX® RUBY RED PLUS is built from premium base oil and proprietary polymer additives that provides exceptional service in a wide range of normal to severe operating conditions:

• Ultra-durable EP additives deliver outstanding wear protection under extreme loading
• Advanced polymer additive helps the grease maintain its tackiness and adhesion even in the presence of water
• Enhanced film strength greatly reduces surface scarring on metal-to-metal contact points
• Minimizes fretting and wear in both high-speed and high-temperature applications

Technical Properties

NGLI Grade2
Thickener TypeASTM D128Lithium Complex
Penetration @ 77°F, 60 StrokesASTM D217265 – 295
Dropping Point, °FASTM D2265520 min
Base Oil Viscosity, cSt @ 40°CASTM D445220
Timken OK Load, lbsASTM D250960
Four Ball EP Weld Point, kgASTM D2596500
Four Ball EP Load Wear IndexASTM D259690 min
Four Ball Wear Scar, mmASTM D22660.5 max
Rust PreventionASTM D1743Pass
Water Washout, % loss @ 175°FASTM 12643 max


Complete line of Drydene RETRAPLEX Greases

Complete line of Drydene RETRAPLEX Greases