Drydene Announces Launch of Diamond Blue EP2 Lithium Complex Grease

We know grease – it’s in our name. That’s why we’re proud to announce the newest addition to our RETRAPLEX® line of greases: DRYDENE RETRAPLEX DIAMOND BLUE™ EP 2. Our team worked hard to develop this versatile grease that can be used in commercial, agricultural, mining, or construction sectors.

Diamond Blue takes heavy-duty grease to a new level. It performs best when operating conditions are at their worst. Diamond Blue is engineered using select base oils that are blended with a water-resistant polymer system to promote adhesion and product stability. This system helps reduce oil bleed in service and coordinates with the thickening system to provide superior extreme pressure performance.

Diamond Blue also includes optimum levels of AW and EP performance additives to maintain a proper lubricating film in extreme conditions and protect ferrous and non-ferrous surfaces from corrosion in wet environments. Furthermore, Diamond Blue features low water spray-off and washout percentages so that the grease stays in place and lubricates exceptionally well, even when exposed to or submerged in water.

Diamond Blue is designed for use in the toughest on-road and off-road conditions where frequent and/or prolonged exposure to water, debris contamination or extreme conditions may occur:

  • Concrete and paving contractors that regularly operate equipment in wet conditions over a seasonal range of temperatures where frequent cleaning is required
  • Agriculture and forestry implements that come into frequent contact with crops, dirt, gravel, dust and the elements which can build up on operating surfaces especially booms and buckets
  • Sanitation and waste control vehicles that require frequent greasing due to loading, exposure from a wide range of seasonal elements and contamination from waste materials
  • Heavy-duty truck fleets utilizing standard and extended-range drain intervals where scheduled maintenance cycles may not always occur at the same location or operating conditions
  • Home builders and excavators with mixed fleets that move from location to location on a regular basis in varied operating conditions, both wet and dry

Like all our Retraplex greases, Diamond Blue’s unique set of components meets our ALL Technology® standards. These high Advanced Lubricity Life standards mean you can trust Diamond Blue will provide outstanding protection against wear and corrosion in extreme conditions.

Diamond Blue is available to order on June 1 and will be available in drums, kegs, cases, and pails. Click here to learn more about why you need Diamond Blue, and contact your Drydene sales representative with your questions and ordering details.

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