Retraplex Diamond Blue is Drydene’s Crown Jewel: from June’s issue of LUBES’N’GREASES

Drydene® is confident the latest addition to its popular Retraplex® line could become the grease of choice for the market.

Retraplex Diamond Blue™ is a new premium-grade lithium complex grease developed from the ground up that fills the market’s need for a truly versatile product—ideal for heavy-duty use whether in the commercial, agricultural, mining or construction sectors.

“There’s been a gap in the market for a product like this, and we believe we’ve created something really special,” says Dave Stover, product manager at Drydene Performance Products.

“We’re always looking to expand our range, rework existing products and improve our chemistries. Product innovation is always a focal point for Drydene.”

Diamond Blue was launched in May after a year in development and extensive testing to ensure it could withstand the rigors of modern machinery.

Drydene wanted to develop a grease that not only excelled in reducing friction and extending the life of equipment but also boasted excellent wear protection, superior performance in wet conditions and a wide temperature range.

“The formula features some very robust extreme pressure properties, which also lends itself to heavy load bearing capacity,” he says. “The product’s water-resistant properties result in extremely low water washout and spray-off, which means the grease stays where it is supposed to be, and surfaces are always being protected. In addition, Diamond Blue has an extremely robust roll stability rating.”

“With our unique polymer configuration, the cohesion and adhesion of the grease helps provide a long-lasting protective boundary layer. It is very tenacious, and the lab and field testing we’ve done so far has been excellent in terms of physical consistency and extreme-pressure performance,” adds Stover.

Since Drydene introduced its Retraplex greases three years ago, it has quickly established itself as a trusted brand suited to a wide variety of applications. Diamond Blue joins Retraplex Onyx, Topaz, Ruby Red, and its top-selling Ruby Red Plus greases.

“We know from our early market feedback there is tremendous excitement about the product, and I think the reaction is going to be very strong,” says Stover. “We’re pleased with the results and know our customers and users will be as well.”

“Diamond Blue has unique physical characteristics and an advanced copolymer configuration, which is what lends itself to how the product reacts to the elements in exposed environments. Where it shines the most is being outdoors in adverse conditions. It takes lithium complex grease to another level.”

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retraplex diamond blue

You can read the original version of this article in the digital edition of June’s issue of Lubes’N’Greases here.

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