Drydene Performance Products Announces Drydene Racing Formulas (DRF™)

Drydene Performance Products announced the launch of its line of racing oil, DRF™ (Drydene Racing Formulas) at the World of Outlaws Can-Am World Finals in Charlotte, North Carolina, on November 7.

In addition to this announcement, Drydene unveiled new car designs for two Team Drydene sprint car drivers, Logan Schuchart and Jacob Allen of Shark Racing.

“There’s no better place for us to announce our launch of DRF than the World of Outlaws World Finals. We’re committed to the community of dirt racing. Whether it’s our Team Drydene drivers, our sponsorship of DIRTVision, our status as Official Motor Oil and Official Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) of the World of Outlaws, or just our general enthusiasm for this sport, Drydene continues to level up our support. Today, we announce a product made for passionate drivers across the country: DRF.”

Dave Klinger – President, Drydene Performance Products


As a proud sponsor of World of Outlaws teams Shark Racing (Sprint Series) and Brent Larson Motorsports (Late Model Series), Drydene listened to and worked with high-performing dirt track teams to deliver a racing oil that reaches maximum performance levels on the toughest tracks.

“Dirt track ideals and performance drove our development of Drydene Racing Formulas. We know that these teams need their race oil to perform at the highest level in the toughest conditions, just like their drivers do. This season, Team Drydene took this racing oil to many victories. We’ve got a winning formula, and a winning team, and now it’s time for the racing community to get their hands on DRF™ and take their performance to the next level.”

Dave Klinger – President, Drydene Performance Products

DRF™ is specifically engineered for the track, and nothing else. It is available in two lines:

• A-Main Racing Formula, available in both Synthetic Blend and Synthetic
• Shakedown Break-In Oil

DRF™ Racing Oils are built on a foundation of superior base oils, robust friction modifiers, anti-wear agents, antioxidants and highly shear stable viscosity modifiers that have been proven on the track to optimize competition racing engines.

All DRF™ Racing and Break-In Oils are built with highly specialized surface-active chemistry to maximize each element’s effectiveness in bonding quickly and securely to camshafts, flat tappets, rollers, lifters, cylinder walls and other critical engine components.

DRF™ boasts improved torque and horsepower, superior temperature reduction, and competition-grade ZDDP protection. And the proof is in the dyno testing: when tested head to head against to well-known national racing oil brands, Drydene DRF™ delivered better horsepower, torque and lower operating temperatures (oil, water).

The Hard-Charging DRF Advantage

DRF™ has also been put to the test with thousands of hours of oval track use by Team Drydene sprint car drivers Logan Schuchart (1S, Shark Racing) and Jacob Allen (1A, Shark Racing), and late model drivers Brent Larson (1B, Brent Larson Motorsports) and Rick Eckert (0, Rick Eckert Racing). Tested on the dirt tracks at nationwide World of Outlaw races, Drydene’s DRF stays strong in race track conditions, helping Schuchart to career-best performances, including eight race wins, and a now-legendary Hard Charger performance at Knoxville, where Schuchart powered from a start in 22nd position to a 2nd place finish. DRF™ also was behind Eckert’s six wins in regional races this year.

“With DRF™, the proof is in the Dyno and on the track,” said Schuchart. “We’re running longer and faster, and we’re doing it with lower temps and improved horsepower. Using DRF™ has given me an edge all season long.”

“We started the 2019 World of Outlaws season with DRF and saw great results on the dyno immediately, with improved horsepower and torque over other oils we’ve used,” said Michael Newman, owner of Newman’s Racing Engines in Hanover, Pennsylvania, who builds all engines for Shark Racing. “But what makes me even more excited is DRF’s performance on our engines throughout the season: after 600, 800, and even 1,000 laps, our engines look great at teardown. From the crankshaft to lifters to the piston skirts, we’re seeing no signs of scoring, abrasion, oxidation, or pitting. This stuff is the real deal.”

New Team Drydene Sprint Cars Unveiled

Team Drydene also unveiled two new sprint car designs for the 2020 World of Outlaws season for Jacob Allen and Logan Schuchart. Schuchart’s 1S will represent DRF A-Main and Allen’s 1A will represent DRF Shakedown.

Drydene is celebrating the launch of its DRF™ with promotions, contests, and more on social media (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram: @TeamDrydene). For product details, including PDS/SDS and purchasing information, visit or call 1-877-DRYDENE.

About Drydene Performance Products

For over a century Drydene lubricants have been made in America and made to last, paving the way on our highways, in our fields and on the production line. And we’re still right here today doing what we do best; helping America Get the Job Done. Drydene products are built with ALL Technology®, Advanced Lubricity Life chemistry, to meet and exceed today’s modern automotive, heavy duty and industrial needs. Drydene offers a complete line of automotive, commercial and industrial lubricants, including engine oils, diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), transmission fluids, grease, and hydraulic & gear oils. For more information, visit or follow us on Facebook: TeamDrydene, Twitter: @TeamDrydene and Instagram: TeamDrydene.

For more on our drivers, visit the Team Drydene page.

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