Drydene Retraplex® Ruby Red EP 1

Part #D50101

DRYDENE RETRAPLEX® RUBY EP 1 GREASE is an extreme-pressure rated lithium complex grease designed for use in medium to moderate load applications, inclusive of disc brake wheel bearings as well as both on and off-highway equipment.

10/14 oz Case, 120 Lb Keg, 35 Lb Pail, 400 Lb Drum

Product Applications

DRYDENE RETRAPLEX® RUBY EP 1 GREASE can be used in a wide variety of both automotive and heavy equipment applications especially where product consolidation is desired.

  • Disc brakes
  • Wheel bearings
  • Passenger cars and pickup trucks
  • Heavy hauling trucks and buses
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Off-road industrial equipment
  • Manufacturing equipment

Features & Benefits

DRYDENE RETRAPLEX® RUBY EP 1 GREASE is based on superior extreme pressure and anti-wear additives to ensure consistent performance across a variety of applications and operating conditions.

  • Optimal extreme pressure and temperature
  • operations, especially disk brake bearing.
  • High dropping point
  • Excellent thermal and shear stability
  • Protection against wear and corrosion
  • Outstanding year-round performance in both low and
  • high temperatures
  • Proprietary inhibitors resist oxidation and leakage
  • GC-LB rated

DRYDENE RETRAPLEX™ RUBY EP 1 GREASE is an excellent cross-application choice which provides longer equipment life and reduced costs compared to multiple greases for individual applications.

Technical Properties

NGLI Grade1
Thickener TypeASTM D128Lithium Complex
AppearanceVisualSmooth/Very Tacky
Penetration @ 77°F, 60 StrokesASTM D217310 – 340
Dropping Point, °FASTM D2265500
Base Oil Viscosity, cSt @ 40°CASTM D44590 – 110
Base Oil Viscosity, cSt @ 100°CASTM D44511.6
Timken OK Load, lbsASTM D250960
Four Ball EP Weld Point, kgASTM D2596400 min
Four Ball EP Load Wear IndexASTM D259630 min
Four Ball Wear Scar, mmASTM D22660.50
Rust PreventionASTM D1743Pass


Complete line of Drydene RETRAPLEX Greases

Complete line of Drydene RETRAPLEX Greases